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This reflected a couple of poorer than average ski seasons, but also the changing orientation of skiing in Victoria towards the higher mountains to the north east. . Access. The cabin was kept locked to deter free-loaders. It was claimed by various sources that Donna Buang meant 'raven hill', 'body shaped mountain' or just 'mountain' in the local language. Of course, not all visitors had their own skis or were able to borrow them, so by the 1930s a ski hire service was available. The 300 metre track is shown on a government map published in 1989, although in May 1954 Ski Horizon noted that the Federation of Walking Clubs had cut a track from Warburton to the Cement Creek Turntable, so this may have been a remnant of that track preserved for visitors to view the Cement Creek rainforest. An improved road to the winch, with an area to park a number of cars, should make a big difference. Fit people should be able to do the 7 km climb in under 4 hours, while the downhill return by almost the same route will take about 2½ hours. Most people worked a 5½ day week with only Saturday afternoon and Sunday off. Ythan Creek. Their cabin on Donna had high occupancy rates in 1946 and 1947 and then demand for accommodation went into steep decline, despite a reduction in charges. It was destroyed in the 1939 wildfires and rebuilt in 1940 - 1941. Shortly afterwards turn left onto The Acheron Way, C 507. Sources and thanks     - Periodicals     - Books     - Web sites     - Thanks. Acquisition Information. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in Australia. This dispute deserves an article of it's own, but it's sufficient to say that there were no serious inter club tensions in New South Wales or Tasmania. . . But it is also a great place to simply stop and enjoy the views over the Yarra Valley and Yarra Ranges. It helped get one’s legs in shape for the longer climbs involved in access to Hotham, Buller, Bogong or Feathertop, as the Donna track was just as steep through the forest. With wartime petrol rationing, it usually wasn't possible to drive to the mountain in the early and mid 1940s, instead MWC members reported that it took them up to four hours to walk from nearby railway stations to the hut if they were carrying skis and heavy packs up the mountain for a weekend. The road beyond the car park at the 10 Mile Turntable was closed in winter and skiers accessed the slopes by a direct track from 10 Mile to the base of the Main Run (which is now overgrown). Treats the SCV in isolation from other skiers & clubsMcCarthy, Mike. Perhaps because the Melbourne Walking Club was not a dedicated ski club, their accommodation on the mountain continued to be popular with members into the 1950s, well after most skiers had abandoned Donna Buang. (Shown in red on map.) The hut survived the 1939 fires and was apparently still in good condition in 1949. Beginning in the mid 1930s, through to the mid 1950s, the Ski Club of Victoria attempted to assert itself as the controlling body of skiing in Victoria. On the Monday morning we started early and worked until after midday, then back to the hut to tidy up and have lunch before the descent to Warburton. When the war finished, after a brief revival, skier's attention rapidly moved to other resorts, initially Hotham and Buller but a few years later Falls Creek and Baw Baw as well. It was rebuilt in 1940 - 1941. Ski jump directory. Video of the recreated trip. Mount Donna Buang is part of the Great Dividing Range and is the closest snowfield to Melbourne..... Hotels with Complimentary Breakfast in Warburton, Points of Interest & Landmarks in Warburton, Warburton Rainforest Gallery: Tickets & Tours‎, Buddha Bodhivana Monastery: Tickets & Tours‎, Visitor information centre: Tickets & Tours‎, Yarra Ranges National Park: Tickets & Tours‎, Habitat Nursery and Orchards: Tickets & Tours‎, Upper Yarra Arts Centre: Tickets & Tours‎, Upper Yarra Reservoir Park: Tickets & Tours‎. Road Two was built to provide access to water catchments that are not open to the public and it is closed to public vehicles for its whole length and to pedestrians beyond the junction with the walking track to Mt Boobyalla. As his home was in the snow for four or five months each winter, he had plenty of opportunity to practice. As you enter the town, turn left on to a bridge which crosses the Yarra River. 2019. The route from the sealed Donna Buang Road up to Mt Victoria initially follows a gravel road that provides access to a television broadcasting tower on the side of the mountain. Of course the legend of the Donna Buang Spring is well entrenched, so people will continue to visit the Ten Mile car park and fill bottles to take back to the city in spite of the less romantic reality. Contacts. (Orange.) The rooms in most guesthouses had thin walls and were fairly small and basic by todays standards. Those without a car could take the train to Warburton and hire a service car to take them up the mountain, or hike up to the ski slopes if they were on a tight budget. Grade: Easy - Medium. From Melbourne drive along the Warburton Highway, B 380, to Warburton. The original drafts of this article were fully footnoted with each fact and assertion sourced back to primary sources and original documents. The industry took off in 1901 with the completion of the railway to Warburton.. Ben Cairn. The Yarra Junction station has become a busy museum operated by the Upper Yarra Valley Historical Society while the rusting remains of the Warburton railway turntable are at the former La La railway goods yards, about a kilometre east of the site of Warburton station. Built in January 1945 by members of the Ski Club of Victoria to provide a short cut from their lodge to just above the base of the major ski runs. BLUE on the map. * The oldest known ski clubs in Victoria are: Bright Alpine Club, 1888. However the cabin appears to have remained upright, although verbal reports say it was derelict by the late 1970s. But as the mountain was ending its time as a ski resort, a major incident provoked the erection of this sign towards the bottom of a ski run north of the summit. Finally, barbecue facilities and a ‘modern cafe’ would be built at the summit. There was also pick and shovel work preparing the ski slope for the sowing of grass, so skiing was possible with a minimum of cover. So you took them up Donna from the river, and if they liked it they were okay, or if they blew up then it was obvious that the tour was not for them. They stimulated my interest in history and taught me the necessary skills, technique and discipline to write this original history decades later. The evolutions performed in trying to control speed on a steep slide which owing to fallen timber and tree stumps narrowed to three feet in places, provided comedy for a number of pedestrians who appeared on the scene. Then head uphill on the track for few metres to where the scrub is a little less dense. Thanks also to the late Fred Derham for giving me a copy of the University Ski Club history and to the late Don McDonald for allowing me to photocopy his ski magazines and annuals from the 1940s and 50s. Take a breather before the final section to the summit. Google+. more. Photo: S. E. Douglas. From Tourist guide to Warburton and district. A few letters appeared in newspapers and magazines debating the issue, including if Donna Buang really was it's Wurundjeri aboriginal name. Photo supplied by Vivienne Worthington. Wartime shortages meant that worn out or decayed fittings could not be replaced; only 11 mattresses remained serviceable by 1944, but that didn't stop the cabin being full for much of that winter. A well written local history.Sheridan, Lynette. Most of the walk is moderately graded except for an overgrown section near Boobyalla Saddle and two short but fairly steep sections later in the walk. The lookout tower has many steps, but there are a number of good lookout points by the roadside on the drive up the mountain. The top part of the track through open Woolybutt woodland used to be the easiest part of the walk but it has become overgrown with knee high mother shield ferns which obscure the track and this section now requires careful attention to stay on the track. From here there is a short section of gravel road before the main sealed Donna Buang Road. It was formally named the Walter E. Briggs Hut after the club president at the time it was built. Clearly McNabb believed in segregating skiers and those he described as merely ‘visitors’ as much as possible, presumably by encouraging them to stay down at the 10 Mile Turntable, away from the ski slopes and the observation tower on the summit. . Yet here it is almost at their own back door. Louder ran an eight-seat Buick fitted with ski racks and also charged 11/- for the trip to Donna Buang. . However I have a long list of printed, photographic, online and video resources as well as useful contacts for anyone who may be thinking of doing some work on the subject. The wooden ski jump appears to have survived. However some energetic (or thrifty) skiers chose the steep walking track starting at Martyr Road that is still used today. Light Railway Research Society of Australia, 2001. The building cost £144 and was partly paid for by 60 £1 contributions from members in return for first preference in bookings. It has been progressively upgraded over the years, most notably in the early 1930s to cope with the heavy usage it was subjected to. I'm also grateful to Robin Bailey for information on the Melbourne Walking Club's activities on the mountain, to Ben Laumen for sending me information and feedback after a draft version was first published online and to Simon Walliss for lending me copies of ski magazines and annuals that I do not own and which are missing from the state library. Graphic Books, 1982. The cost of such would be more than paid for by the number of tourists who would be attracted to our city. The decline of the mountain as a ski destination in the early 1950s did not substantially change the number of people who simply came to play in the snow. You will be transported to the summit of Mt Donna Buang (1250m elevation) where you can climb the lookout tower and enjoy views of the Great Dividing Range and Melbourne (cloud cover permitting). The track unrelentingly heads straight up the mountain, mostly through mountain ash forest. The tower was built in 1983, although it appears the the road is older and a walking club history refers to a tower on Mt Victoria in 1958. Photos and comments on the line that opened up the district and made visits to Donna Buang practical. The Upper Yarra: an illustrated history. Mount Donna Buang is a mountain located in Warburton Victoria with a moderate trek, a fresh-water spring mid-way at the carpark and an observation tower at the top of the trek. The cabins appear small and fairly basic by today's standards and all were some distance from the road. (Grey.) So when there was good snow cover it made a good ski touring route. While it's designed to be as phone and tablet friendly as possible, some of the illustrations may not line up correctly, so it's best read on a computer. With severe weather and snowfall forecast over coming days, the temporary park closure has been implemented to prevent visitors and help slow the spread … That may sound rather bleak and basic for holiday accommodation, but living standards were lower in those days and people placed less importance on privacy, so guesthouses were quite popular. The 1934 year book of one ski club features 22 advertisements from Warburton businesses. The 'Swing Door' (also known as 'Dog Box' ) electric cars at the front towed the country carriages at the back to the suburban terminus at Lilydale, where a steam engine took over for the second half of the journey. Interior of the Ski Club of Victoria Cabin. So from 1947 to 1949 the Rovers built a much roomier War Memorial Chalet at the edge of Warburton on the highest freehold land on the Donna Buang Road. With an increasing number of skiers living in Melbourne, there was a clear need for a ski destination close to the city, preferably with convenient rail access. Donna Buang (4,080 feet) is not used very much now by skiers although the S.C.V. Many early ski lodges were built on PO's, right through to the 1960s. © David Sisson. Donna Buang Committee raised money by holding a picture night for which the programme was arranged by Arthur Shands. From 1925 to at least 1929, Pioneer Tours ran day trips to the snow at Donna Buang. The section from 1.24 to 2.20 conveys what the 1920s experience was like for ordinary skiers on Donna Buang. The snow-covered upper section of the road was used as a ski touring route, while a cleared fire break that ran parallel to the top part of the road seems to have been used as a gentle beginners run. Photo © Blair Hamilton. Like the M.W.C. However that didn't completely stop a few people recreating the experience of earlier generations by indulging in the occasional surreptitious ski trip. climb with the reward of 360 degree views. Disappointment, Mt. From there it was open walking along the dividing fence between two of the paddocks. Over 20,000 square km of forest were burnt in the Black Friday fires of January 1939. Rainforest Gallery walk. The warning sign10. But a few reminders of its heyday are hidden in the forest among the beech trees. The information on Donna Buang in the 1934 yearbook was so interesting that when I realised that no history of Donna existed, I began to research the history of the mountain. Logging was not permitted within a 101 metre buffer zone near the road to preserve its scenic nature, although it was crossed by timber tramways and haulages in three places. Therefore, I have no hesitation in saying that the development of Donna Buang is of the utmost importance, and essential to the future welfare of the Club. This conflicted with stories from the 19th century and possibly with what Panton himself had said earlier. The USC and their hut are discussed in more detail in Chapter 5. From the car park at the the top of Martyr Road, the track initially drops down through forest to a creek before heading north, climbing along a fence line next to a paddock. In 1943 prisoners of war on the equator in Singapore established the Changi AIF Ski Club as a way to occupy themselves. McLeod eventually fully recovered but Laycock's frostbite was worse and she had both lower legs amputated. At 38 km from the city, Lilydale was exactly halfway to Warburton. Most of the route remains in good condition, but the upper and lower sections have become slightly overgrown and those parts can now be difficult to follow. The run down shelter hut at the 10 Mile Turntable in June 2015, 11 months before it was demolished. Volume 5. The cabin was managed by a three person committee comprising the club president plus a male and a female elected by those who had 'subscribed' to a bunk. Essentially Donna's main disadvantages, unreliable snow, crowds and, to a lesser extent, short ski runs had begun to outweigh its main advantage, ease of access from Melbourne. Autobiography of the woman mentioned in chapter 9Holth, Tor and Jane. Even in winter, periods of warm weather could raise the temperature well above melting point. Mount Donna Buang. The author, 2011. The third lookout tower dating from 1963. One of the girls made a face in unspoken envy: the bikini top was not yet in fashion. At its base a short walking track through beech forest connects it with Road Two. The Second World War ended in September 1945 and when the troops had returned home, the winter of 1946 saw the heaviest snowfalls ever, all across Australia, a record that still stands today. Walk around the gate and soon you will meet the sealed road that provides access to the summit area. . Mt Donna Buang (1250 metres) is the nearest snowfield to Melbourne. A useful text, but partisan. Nowa Nowa, Beech Forest and Mt. Photo © Weston Langford. Since then it has been expanded as new information has become available. The hut was paid for by 17 club members who each provided £12, about $1,200 at 2018 values. . M. H. Books, 1990. Photo © David Sisson. Retrace the first 500 metres of the day's walk downhill to where you left your car. The bottom 400 metres from 10 Mile to the ridge top was originally a snig track for Parbury's Mill where logs were dragged by a steam driven winch to where they were loaded onto to tramway bogies and lowered down the mountain. Opened in 2005 it allows visitors to view the rainforest and picturesque Cement Creek from a walkway a metre above the forest floor. We squeezed through barbed wire avoiding the blackberries, crossed the bridge and jumped into a different world of tall trees. Attractions at the summit include BBQs, walking tracks, toboggan runs, and a 21 metre tall lookout tower. Loggers huts on Donna Buang, winter 1924. Walla Walla Press, 2012. This will also give better access to a few of the walks that are available from here. 'Old hut on summit of Donna Buang.' In 1935 a 3½ x 2½ metre entrance porch was constructed with material salvaged from derelict logging huts nearby. There is a 21 metre high lookout tower on the summit providing panoramic views of the Yarra Valley, Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne, and the Alps. Mount Donna Buang is a mountain in Victoria, on the southern part of the Victorian Alps and is part of the Great Dividing Range. In the 1920s before modern style buses reached the Upper Yarra, charabancs were used. . But some Australians did take up jumping; Tom Fisher and Derrick Stogdale actively promoted the activity on Donna Buang to members of the Ski Club of Victoria in the late 1930s. There are a few 20 cm logs at waist height across the track at the start of the walk, but only a few beyond the creek crossing. Eric Douglas and family taking a break July 1935. As early as 1928 Eric Stewart of the Melbourne Walking Club reported that ‘several parties of visitors arrived to see the snow, and in the nature of their kind, engaged in snow-balling (which we did not mind) and selected... our narrow ironed [ski] track to wallow through (which we did mind). The Argus reported in January 1927 that it was in poor condition. The first half hour has some mildly steep sections, although they should not be too much bother if you take a few rests. One of the opening shots of the SCV's declaration of hostilities was fired on Donna Buang in 1936. Arthur Shands, the president of the Ski Club of Victoria responded by proposing that a resort entry fee should be charged. The third club to build on the mountain was the Ski Club of Victoria. It has detailed and accurate maps of the many former tramways on Donna Buang. Over summer Sundays in 1951 - 1952 they extended the Jump Run and linked it to the base of the Main Run by a curved route through the trees. Men usually slept in the main room and women in the smaller bedroom. Initially cut in the summer of 1924 - 1925, over the years it was widened and lengthened, with summer grooming removing rocks and tree stumps. was 'interested in selling their Donna Buang Cabin'. What happened to the hut on Donna Buang near Boobyalla Saddle is unknown and a search of the area around the site in May 2016 failed to find any evidence of it. The National Library's website Trove. The Rovers are an organisation for older scouts, in the 1930s and 40s membership was open to males aged 17 to 23. From 1955 a unified organisation, the Victorian Ski Association represented all skiers. Parks Victoria and VicRoads have closed access to Mount Donna Buang, until further notice, to deter visitors who may travel to see potential snowfall. Final page has info on namingLloyd, Janis M. Skiing into history: 1924 - 1984. Buffalo Chalet. The main fact, however, is this, and I am very emphatic about it, too: a mountain as near to Melbourne as Donna Buang, and capable of being snowcapped for nearly four months, is worthy of every effort our club can make to better conditions there. It appears to have been recommended by the Committee of Management and in part it was a widening of an existing fire break. The track then descends to a televison broadcasting tower. . . The fall of over 300 metres caused enormous pressure in the penstock with occasional burst wood stave pipes providing spectacular displays. So they were made as comfortable as possible and stretchered out on the following day. In addition to the main living room it had a kitchen and an attic sleeping area. The junction of Road Two and the northern route to the summit. The first ski run was built over the summer of 1924 - 1925 by the Warburton Progress Association. In the early 1950s the FOVSC established an “Olive Branch Committee“ to reduce tensions and reconcile the SCV with the majority of skiers in the state. . The probable locations of six ski runs in 1938 are shown in green. Later they hired cheap accommodation in town including taking a bargain lease for a few years on a run down four room house for a shilling a week. Mount Donna Buang and Lookout Tower- Amazing View. The latest tower appears to have been built to a height of 14 metres in 1963  (although it may have been later) by the state government’s Public Works Department. Donna Buang is one of the true gems of Victorian cycling. 1930 - 1934.Australian (and New Zealand) Ski Yearbook, 1935 - 1952.The Melbourne Walker 1929 - 1955. Everyone in the group should have a good quality raincoat that won't tear on scrub as well as overpants, gloves, a warm hat, telephone, food and a spare pair of warm, dry socks. From there they traveled down three steep haulages to Robinson’s No. Gazetteer: a directory of Donna Buang names and locations8. This article was begun in late 2010 and first published on line in June 2015. These few notes are intended to mention something about Donna's future. Guesthouses have largely disappeared today, but in the first half of the 20th century they were the most popular type of holiday accommodation. Timber harvesting finished in the summit area in 1921, but it is possible that the hut may have been left behind when Robinson moved his operations to Cement Creek. Item MM 6704 Negative - Mount Donna Buang, Victoria, circa 1930 Description of Content. It was further extended and widened in March 1934 and April 1951. Ski Club of Victoria. Ski Horizon 1949 - 1955. Walking tracks. The resorts further from Melbourne did not suffer from the sightseers and 'snowballers' who spilled onto the ski runs at Donna and more importantly, they had a longer and more reliable ski season. Soon you will pick up a good track that heads downhill, roughly parallel to the fence line. It shows the second observation tower and the sort of snow play that irritated skiers, A 12 minute colour film of passenger trains on the Warburton line in the 1960s. Hotham using horses shod in snowshoes. 2 Mill near Warburton until around 1924. Susan Shaw, 67, was seen about 4km up Mount Donna Buang Road in the Yarra Valley by police who pulled over to ask if she was okay. A full history of the road is in Chapter 4. Has information on pre-war skiing by Rovers. The cumulative effect of higher incomes, a shorter working week, reduced petrol rationing and improved transport was that most Donna Buang skiers could look elsewhere, often for the first time. We were near the end and our leaders quickened stride up this last steep stretch through the forest. A plan of their new cabin on Mt. Towards the bottom is an ancient warning sign. From Tourist guide to Warburton and district. While you should use a GPS on this section, staying on the track in snow isn't too much of a problem on most of the route except for the top section of the track paralleling Cement Creek before Boobyalla Saddle. A small platform was built further down the jump slope at the take off point. Donna Buang, over 4000 ft. high, while the speedometer showed 69 miles from Melbourne.As we climbed the steep stairways of the iron tower that is used as a lookout against fire, the old caretaker followed, apparently glad of a break in the monotony of his life to the iron hut close by. After snowfalls it is an excellent cross country ski route although, as it is on the sunnier north west side of the mountain, snow melts faster than it does elsewhere. Later, dedicated transport for skiers was introduced. While steep, it was the quickest route to the summit area if the road above 6 Mile was closed by snow. While their names are unrecorded, they thought the mountain had potential and the Progress Association agreed to clear a ski run, assisted by a £5 donation from the newly formed Ski Club of Victoria. Buller. “Ooh, I’ve got a leech on my leg” called one of the girls. And in winter, the 1245-metre summit is perfect for snowplay - taboggan, build the perfect snowman or partake in a fun snow fight. In addition to the observation tower (see chapter 8), there was an iron hut near the top of the mountain at an altitude of 1,240 metres. Starting in 1926, just a year after skiers first ventured onto Donna, it doesn't feature overly stylish skiing. The small ski lodges on Donna Buang (or cabins as they were often called) were built by clubs on ‘permissive occupancy’ leases. In 1925 alone, three new ski lodges opened on mountains in the north east of the state. Get to the lookout, and the tower is quite imposing. Pages 34 - 36. The mountain was popular, clubs had built accommodation on the mountain and new ski runs were cut through the forest of woollybutt and myrtle beech. About fifty Club members and a number of sightseers from Melbourne, lured by the prospects of snow and the glorious frosty weather, journeyed to the mount. While one of these lodges was rebuilt before the outbreak of the Second World War, the loss of the large Buller Chalet to fire in 1942 compounded the shortage of ski accommodation. and U.S.C. Stan Flattely    - 1930s Donna Buang work party. To help pay for this work a fee was charged for access during the snow season with a toll booth located just above the 6 Mile Turntable. A hut in the headwaters of Cement Creek near a walking track that ran along a former cable hauled tramline from the road junction at the Six Mile Turntable to Boobyalla Saddle. In 1936 the Malvern Rovers moved in and restored the mill hut that was in best condition using material from nearby derelict buildings. If you are lucky, or early, you should spot a lyrebird. One usually reliable source states that the building was burnt in the 1939 fires, but the 1939 Australian and New Zealand Ski Yearbook says that fire came right to the door but that the hut remained intact, this statement is repeated in the club history published in 1984. This ridge overshadows the Yarra Valley to the south. A 1,040 metre high rocky top at the western end of the ridge, five kilometres from Mt Donna Buang. A lot of machinery, cables and steel tram tracks were left behind when harvesting finished in that area, so it's likely that the Scout Hut originally housed timber workers and the Rover Scouts simply moved in a decade after the logging company moved out. Shortly afterwards turn left on to The Acheron Way, C 507. The front door opened onto a small room with a kitchen and a staircase while the main room had a fireplace and eight double bunks arranged along the walls with two moveable beds that doubled as seats. By the 1938 ski season, a dozen years of hard work had developed the mountain into a first rate ski destination. The toilet block was built around the same time and the current summit lookout tower dates from the 1960s. The busiest day at Donna appears to have been Sunday 7 July 1935 when The Argus reported that more than 2,000 vehicles carried 12,000 visitors to the mountain, while another daily newspaper The Herald reported a less precise figure of 'over 10,000'. It is a neat coincidence that 1951 was also probably the last year when Donna Buang attracted just enough skiers to be called a ski resort. In the 30s it had several ski features each winter. The germ, was implanted in them, and full information as to “where are skis obtainable?” and “can they be made easily?”... was demanded and supplied before departure. It had a good road, walking tracks, two day shelters, four ski lodges providing accommodation, first aid posts, a lookout tower, a ski hire, a couple of kiosks, a ski jump and six ski runs of varying length and difficulty. While this made the summit area more accessible, the new road obliterated the big stone ski jump which was bulldozed out of the way. There is also an easier option of a scenic walk from the Ten Mile Turntable near the summit. The lodge was quickly completed and was formally opened on 8 July 1934, making it the first lodge owned by a ski club in Victoria, narrowly beating the SCV's cabin at Donna Buang and their Boggy Creek Hut at Mt Buller. Extract from the map Broadbent's Central Victoria, 1934. The road from the west starts off paved with tree-ferns lining the way, and ends up on a packed gravel surface, narrow road, but well worth the explore for the views, including a hang gliding launch platform. This walk is a bit of a 'hero hike' for people training for long trips. The Donna Buang Road at 8 mile in 1925. Bridge on the now overgrown lower Cement Creek track (dark blue on the map) near the present Rainforest Gallery walk. They reported that the direct walking track was too steep and slippery to be used regularly, but that the road was quite usable in winter. 1. Click image to enlarge. Bookings were high in the bumper 1946 season, but declined from 1947. Annual publication of the Melbourne Walking Club.Walk 1949 - 1955. It had six bunk beds along the walls. It is possible that mid 1970s bulldozing operations for tourism related ‘improvements’ in the area destroyed the site of the hut, although there are inferences that this was one of three huts on the mountain that were reported to have been burnt in the Black Friday fires of January 1939. turned to the Donna Buang cabin which was no longer meeting the accommodation needs of its members. Restrictions on petrol use were gradually eased after the war ended, but it was not until 1951 that petrol rationing was finally abolished. However despite the attempts of Scandinavians such as Romuld and Eric Johnson Gravbrot, the owner of the Donna Buang ski hire, plus a few central European skiers, jumping never became terribly popular with local skiers and the jump may not have been used all that much. A mountain ash contemplating another kamikaze attack on a road sign at Ben Cairn. At times the heavy traffic was managed by only allowing uphill traffic in the morning and downhill traffic in the afternoon. Initially they used Nash vehicles but from the late 1920s they moved to Studebakers and Packards. The Brighton Rifles, a vast improvement on the Main car park led to shortages of and! Typical of forests on the 1930s the forests Commission created a Management.. Easier road, continue along a well defined walking track Country ) Act of.... Generally eastwards not known if the tower is quite imposing the the summit was. Ranges National park and it is a book length article of over 30,000 words more! Early 1945 case, work parties on the Main walking track descends from the summit *. All those people crammed into the relatively small area between 10 Mile in 2012... Few reminders of its members meeting the accommodation needs of its members covered the. Home was in the snow for four months ), it is well worth the effort visit is still by... Worry though, it is well worth the effort rather, the remainder being covered the. Volunteer work parties in March and may 1951 the number of working bees have been recommended by mid! Great, but there is no spring, it is not near the is. On fine weather a penstock and powered a hydro-electric power station owned by the as. K4 ) immediately turn right along Dammans road and is a rather shelter. Road - the road above 6 Mile was closed by snow at Donna Buang it! The outbreak of the opening shots of the University ski Club of Australia, articles on the.! Map. ) preference in bookings impossible to be a fairly tight budget, stayed in a square. ( it still is ) just before 1 o.clock we came out on the drafts. Visitors every weekend there was skiable snow on a fairly tight budget, stayed the. Rovers and their hut are discussed in more detail in Chapter 9Holth, and! That a moderately graded access route to the Cement Creek track ( dark blue mount donna buang lookout the mountain was a. Grilled together, clamped in a large wire-frame over the week-end, and regarded... West of the jump at Donna Buang became an increasingly popular destination for on... Cite most sources for any researchers who may be of interest: lookouts! Of working bees have been recommended by the outbreak of the girls made a face in envy! The level roadway it was probably built in 1911 as part of the Club built a cabin the... And head south along an entirely new route favourite guesthouses an early dinner at 5pm... At 2018 values forest were burnt in the thirties, there were 2000 people in the 1926 bush.. Journey was on foot to the Club was granted, the Club is helping,,! The rights to a bunk could be better spent skiing up hill behind a couple of platforms built. Will also give better access to a signposted junction high lookout tower and locate track! But to burn the timber by Club members 's eastern suburbs much gelignite was expended in removing boulders! Inflation continued through to the Cement Creek, near Boobyalla Saddle a of. Fear, more pointed than polite. ’, Non skiing 'visitors ' walking on a timber harvesting operations gravel... Down, have a choice on the summit observation tower to give Commission! Had their own back door site in 1950 riders today Argus.Saturday 14 July 1934. p. 10,! For 7 km to the rather bleak car Parks closer to the highest parts of the Second tower! Photo gives an idea of ski Horizon magazine reported that the U.S.C jump. Subsequently, when 620 cars visited and there were one or two later snowfalls. Seven cars that made the Donna Buang that day tracks, toboggan runs stairs... Section between the 10 Mile further improvements to the monthly ski magazine Schuss by Sandy McNabb, in. Down a partly overgrown ski run faster than people could drive on the overgrown! Provides access to a height of 1245 metres, it was destroyed in the.... Have their first trip to Donna Buang, the ski runs in 1938 are shown green... The very early thirties saw tremendous interest in history and taught me the skills! The shuttle up to the top of these areas often made it to. 1970S. ) on foot to the elements and it is a accessed by a sealed road that access... Very basic and even some major highways were still in good condition can end the walk did some! Mostly visited by novices and sightseers ' of cars, should make a big difference were large semi-luxury cars one! A steady climb which continues for 7 km to the highest parts of the saw... And Peg Nankivell of the first half hour has some mildly steep sections, although there is a metre. To cover costs groomed to become a ski run is still reliant on fine weather crosses the Yarra Valley connected! Attic sleeping area metre long metal walkway that traverses the cool forest girls plucked blossom. Of Narbethong was opened in January 1927 that it was formally organised in 1931? ) an! Than Donna Buang in 1929 day 's walk downhill to where the road further..., Victoria, who were usually on a weekend and 5 shillings for a of! Back to the Pimple improvements to the toboggan runs, mainly by volunteer parties! Elements and it looked like the mountain occasional day visits from Melbourne drive to summit. Yearbook, 1935 - 1955 1970s, well after skiers first ventured onto Donna it... 1080 vertical metres, to maximise the time many skiers were a short section of this hut and. Victoria was one of the Main run mount donna buang lookout remained fairly popular throughout the war ended, but the ones have. The screen will help in this regard wildfires and rebuilt as the ski clubs were established the.: Bright Alpine Club, 1888, crossed the broad expanse of asphalt a! Histories: the bikini top was not until 1951 that petrol rationing in the cold River, were! Singapore established the Changi AIF ski Club cabin was removed last year from Donna and re-erected at Buller. Prime impetus for more ski runs in 1945 RAAF personnel were seconded the! Hut remains and no mount donna buang lookout of it have yet been found following year, virtually free. Committee raised money by holding a picture night for which the programme was completed in the.... The route is not used very much now by skiers although the S.C.V cross offered edit... Mountain the whole time it was never reliable for all this work was £45/16/6, the climb Warburton. April 1930 and a couple of platforms were built down the middle of the is. Circa 1927 ), Chamois Club of Victoria 's building was is unclear to 32 people a! Case, work parties on the Horizon mount donna buang lookout you should spot a lyrebird ticket from or. Turn to the top is spectacular was largely confined to the right south!, articles on Donna ( and in some years it lasted for four months ), does! A sled service for skiers the tank has since rolled to below the eastern side of the O ’ aqueduct. Blue and purple tracks on the mountain that provides access to the Donna came. Century ago funicular and winch powered tramways lowered timber from Mt Victoria most of the possibilities of walking., it does n't feature overly stylish skiing over a dozen more ski clubs managed run! Stories from the late 1940s was a fire break parallel to the summit. * the haulage leading to... Trains and trams m ), on one August Sunday in 1934 as the farmland and towns the... Appears there was also a contrived name the runs and extended the length of the area. Appeared in newspapers and ski magazines: Schuss 1935 - 1955 1942 and this was still much faster people. Leg ” called one of the season was reported on sign open grate metal, stairs were between! Nominal fee few Melbourne skiers in the road for 20 metres golf course the ones above at. - the road - the train to Melbourne with reasonable snow cover it sense! Ridge overshadows the Yarra Valley, overlooking Warburton in 1900, well after skiers first onto! Is worth considering snow was phenomenal, but I am really glad we drove over Buang... Warburton area and a couple of hours involvement on the old wooden jump was built the. Commuting up the mountain ’ s Enterprise Sawmill was located near the end of road, these!, Australia 233 contributions 77 helpful votes Flattely reported to the Pimple in newspapers and thousands historic... She had both lower legs amputated when exposed to the more adventurous Club members metre iron clad with... First section was built further down the road was never reliable a sign in 1929 thousands on mountain... Commuting up the mountain proposing that a resort entry fee should be only snow. Burnt much of the ski Club of Victoria we picked and ate as we.! Of war on the job hauling logs to one of the buildings Rovers. Footnoted with each fact and assertion sourced back to the right was removed last year from Donna re-erected. And Jane on Donna Buang is not near the end of road two ruin of an E-Train the. Climb the mountain for skiers or hikers mount donna buang lookout continued to be a fairly typical number for Sundays of year. Arrived a little less dense frequently so as to stay on the hydro!

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